Yutaka Hoshino
General Info
Aliases Peco
Age 16
Year 1st, 2nd
Technical Info
Team Katase High
Specialty Hitter
Paddle Japanese penholder grip, single-sided pips out
Aliases: Peco, The Hero. Yutaka Hoshino/Peco (星野 裕) is one of the protagonists of Ping Pong: the Animation, and Smile's closest friend. He has a sweet tooth, and is usually seen with some sort of candy.

History Edit

Though it was initially believed he was the star player of Katase High School, Smile surpasses him monumentally. After suffering multiple unexpected losses, Peco gives up on ping pong, only to come back after sparking an interest and rekindling his passion again with the help of Obaba. Peco begins training hard and long hours with Obaba and her son. Here he learns from the ground up and drastically improves.

Peco arrives to his second year preliminaries with an injured knee. This is seen in his match with Kong, who had previously "skunked" Peco in an 11-0 slaughter. Peco manages to pull a victory over the Chinese Champion. Next he faces Dragon. After being down two games and 5 points on the third, something sparks in Peco, giving him a sudden boost in energy and mindset. Peco defeats Dragon to make it into the finals against Smile. In the final match against Smile, both players go at it with all they have, but Peco wins in the end.

Later in life, Peco is seen to be on the professional team for Japan at the Olympics and is making his name big in magazines and on television.